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Yanapana is a not-for-profit Civil Association and at the same time the social and environmental responsibility arm of Mountain Lodges of Peru. Mountain Lodges of Peru operates a lodge in Viñac, in the highlands belonging to the department of Lima, and offers a lodge-to-lodge trek from Mollepata to Machu Picchu along the Salkantay trail. Mountain Lodges of Peru is thus a tourism company that takes its responsibility towards the inhabitants and environment of the areas where it operates very seriously. 




Yanapana Peru’s purpose is to reduce the condition of extreme poverty in the Andean Highlands, improving the quality of life through sustainable community development.




To create a positive and sustainable context for humanitarian, cultural, social, environmental and economic exchange and integration, a context in which all stakeholders are empowered to envision and create a ‘happier’ way of life.





To identify and serve the various needs of families and individuals in areas of extreme poverty by contributing to democratic, participative and sustainable development. To create a path for sustainable development through enduring and independent income-generating projects and by attending primarily to educational and health-oriented needs, so that local beneficiaries are in a healthy state of body and mind that will allow them to engage in the process actively as participants and beneficiaries.



The Community Development Plan created in association with the communities and based on a participative self-diagnostic process contemplates the formulation of projects in five areas of human development that have generated in turn more than 20 past and ongoing projects. Yanapana Peru participates in this development by contributing integral long-term vision and resources to:


Health & Nutrition / Education & Culture / Productive Projects


            Employment / Environmental Sustainability



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