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Yanapana's Photo Gallery

Animal health campaign in Lucre


Lucre is a small village just outside of Cusco. The once yearly veterinary campaign held in conjunction with the Humane Society and Vida Digna also visits this small town. Most people have a donkey or a mule that needs a dental or general health check-up, a castration or simple vaccination. 

Manchayhuaycco School Project


Yanapana has implemented a small nutrition project at this remote school. Mis Amigos los Alimentos focusses basically on improving the children’s diet.

Guinea pigs Yanapana’s project includes raising guinea pigs for consumption. This is an excepcionally rich source of protein. 

Knitting group


The knitting group has always produced beautiful clothes and accesories. They specialize in making accessories such as scarves, gloves, hats, neck warmers and ponchos, though they do not shy away from producing large items such as sweaters and even dresses! MLP customers visit their little shop in Mollepata regularly. 

Weaving group


Dyeing wool naturally


Yanapana and MLP work with local weavers living in the town of Mollepata. Gilda and her partners endeavor to use natural dyes whenever possible. The process of dying sheep and alpaca wool is tedious, but the end result is worth the while. 



Mollepata is a peaceful village at the very beginning of the Salkantay trail. The pace of life is slow and indeed, life goes on in much the same way that it has for centuries. Several projects funded by Yanapana are located in this small town. 

Honey production in Rampac


Leonardo and Meliana live in Rampac, a small village not far from the main town of Mollepata, the starting point of the Salkantay trail. They have their own farm, where they raise livestock and grow all kinds of crops. They are also excellent beekeepers and their delicious honey is served at MLP’s lodges. 

Margarita’s jams

Lucmabamba coffee production


MLP encourages the production of coffee grown locally and processed in Lucmabamba. Local coffee is served at the lodges and sold directly to MLP’s customers. 

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